But what will they say?

"This is where you go for customer service! Communication is on point and they delivered my order on time and exactly as promised!"
---Brian R. (Business Owner- Sioux Falls, SD) 

"Wilder Customs has quickly become one of our most trusted vendors. We've collaborated with Lisa on countless apparel projects over the years, so we were thrilled to learn she was getting back into the custom apparel biz. She understands our unique business & finds creative ways to increase our profitability. They do a great job for us."
---Mike B. (Clothing Company Owner- Brooksville, FL) 


"I didn't know much about custom apparel other than I bought a lot of it for my companies & I was tired of not getting good service. But Lisa & I have been friends for 25+ years & when she moved back to town, I saw an opportunity to get into the biz. So I approached her about it... a few times. I pretty much harassed her into partnering with me. (laughs) But it's been good. Wilder Customs brings a new level of service & reliability to this industry and people definitely like it."
---Mark Fonder (Business Owner, Philanthropist & Mischief Manager at Wilder Customs)

"I've always wanted to build a merchandise line but couldn't really do it until I hooked up with Wilder. They helped us build a starter collection & the first day we announced we had merch, we sold more than half of our starting inventory. It was awesome. Wilder has my biz for life!"
---Luc M. (Musician- Sioux Falls, SD)

"We buy a lot of custom gear. In the past, ordering it was super frustrating & we just felt like our supplier didn't care about our business. So we changed, and it's been fantastic. We work great together- I tell my Rep my vision, she brings it to life, and we have a good time doing it. This part of my job is so much easier now."
Jen C. (General Manager- Sioux Falls, SD)


"I love the custom apparel business. I spent many years doing it for some of the most demanding clients in professional sports, and you can't slack off when your clients have multi-million dollar legal contracts on their apparel! So I learned the biz well. It's about service, quality, deadlines & communication... every order, every day. I know our customers feel it & this makes me happy."
---Lisa Vanbeek (Business Owner & T-shirt Ninja at Wilder Customs)



"I started working with Lisa & her team when she created the merchandise line for our company's presence at the Indy 500. Our people were so pleased with the results, & the quality was top notch. She continued to offer the same expert service to an expanded line of products for our group at NASCAR and Indycar events- great products & superior service."
---Blair I. (CEO- Wilkesboro, NC)

"Thanks guys. Shirts, hats & koozies look great, the price was right & you met our deadline. Seems simple but I've had a hell of a time getting anyone else to do it right until now. I appreciate it!"
--- Pete D. (Business Owner- Tea, SD)

"I've ordered from Wilder Customs a few times now & it's just been a great experience. The process is easy and they always get me the most bang for my buck. I appreciate a shirt company who worries about saving ME money."
---Dave H. (Business Owner- Sioux Falls, SD)

"We've worked with Lisa on our various apparel needs over many years- I cannot think of anyone I'd rather do business with. I never worry about an order when dealing with her- she asks the right questions to make sure our order is correct, she gives me updates & delivery is always on time. She does what it takes to get the job done, and done right."
---Rachel B. (General Manager- Detroit, MI)

"Working with Wilder Customs showed us the difference between having an "okay" vendor and having one who really cares about our brand. We're happy."
--- Chad K. (Business Owner- Sioux Falls, SD)

"Deadlines are met & expectations are exceeded, I'd recommend them to anyone!"
--- Doug H. (Business Owner- Charlotte, NC)

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